Anasayfaya Dön

Student Clubs

Student Societies

1 Film and Photography Community

2 Theatre Community

3 Mesopotamia Multicultural Community

4 Ethical Community

5. Aviation Community

6 Mixed Music Community

7 Ebru Community

8 College Sports Community

9 Outdoor Sports and Environment Community

10 Young Entrepreneurs Community

11 History and Life Community

12 Archaeological Community

13 European Union Community

14 Business Community

15 Visual Arts Community

16 Ideal Youth Community


Sports Clubs of our University participate in competitions organized by University Sports Federation of Turkey. Interdepartmental sports tournaments are organized for all students in the spring semester. Our University participates in competitions in 13 sports branches.

Sports Teams

1 Football,

2 Basketball,

3 Volleyball,

4 Handball,

5 Futsal,

6 Folk Dances,

7 Taekwondo,

8 Athletics,

9 Tennis,

10 Table Tennis,

11 Karate,

12 Wrestling

13 Arm Wrestling

Outside the community and sports teams for our students and our staff, Painting, Crafts, Guitar, Binding, violin courses are given.