Anasayfaya Dön

Why Batman University?

Universities should develop socially and culturally as well as giving theoretical and practical information. In our university, which aims such kind of a development, there is a good relationship between students, academic and administrative staff with regards to communication and respect. Besides, the modern city of Batman with a population of 400.000 and with its shopping malls, health services, educational and social opportunities, has a better structure than a number of cities in Turkey. Our university has modern laboratories under the departments of cultural assets, computer, physics, biology, geology, food, handicrafts and many more. There are also practicing areas and studios for applied courses of the technical schools.

In the capital of petroleum, Batman city, we have opened the department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering which is only available in two universities within Turkey. Students who choose this department will have the chance to visit important establishments such as TPAO, TÜPRAŞ and BOTAŞ while they get a practical education on these areas. The other departments in our faculties all provide students carrier opportunities when they graduate.

Batman is a comfortable, affordable and safe city for those who select our university for education.