Anasayfaya Dön


1-) Where are the campuses located?

The central campus is located in Kültür district and is very close to the city center. It is can easily be reached by car or bus. Batı Raman Campus is situated in West Raman region of Batman city. There are buses every five minutes from the city centre to the campus. Kozluk and Hasankeyf campuses, which are located in the regions with the same names, are still under construction.

2-) What are the accommodation and dormitory opportunities?

Student dormitory, with a capacity of 750 students, which was built by General Directorate of Credit and Dormitories Institution, and which consists of a block of social facilities and 3 blocks of dormitory building in Batı Raman campus, was completed in November, 2012. At the city centre, there is a male dormitory with a capacity of 600 students. In addition, there are private dormitories and pensions located at the city centre. The Central Dining Hall and Cafeteria at the Batı Raman Campus as well as the dining hall at the central campus with a capacity of 600 provides nourishment for students.

3-) What are the registration requirements?

High school graduates first take a national OSYS exam and, following programme selections, they are placed according to their grades. In our departments which require Special Talent Exam, both OSYS and STE results are calculated.

4-) Can foreign students apply to Batman University?

Yes, they can. They are accepted in compliance with the principles and quota determined by Higher Education Institution and the Senate. Do you have double major or subbranch programmes? No, we don’t.

5-) Do you pay scholarships?

Our university does not provide scholarships. However, Credit and Dormitories Institution give scholarship for students selected by the departmental staff every year.

6-) Does the university have bilateral agreements with national or international universities?

Under the Erasmus programme, we have 16 bilateral agreements with 9 European countries. Erasmus Coordinatorship provides all the support students and staff need during the application and education process. Besides, under the Farabi exchange programme, we have 41 agreements with different universities in Turkey.

7-) Which social activities does the university offer?

Each year in May, spring festival take place at the university. A number of conferences and seminars are held, exhibitions and theatres are performed, film screening and concerts are organized. In addition to these events, various trips to different regions of our beautiful country are arranged. Students are socialized by several social and cultural activities within the communities they form such as Marbling, Ethics, Cinema and Photography, Aviation, Tourism, Mixed Music, University Sports, Modern Dances, Natural Sports, Theatre, History and Life, Archeology, Environment and Urban Renewal, European Union, Young Entrepreneurs, Information. Besides, sports tournaments are arranged between departments during each spring semester. Our university participate in competitions in 13 sports branches. Our teams consist of Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Futsal, Folk Dances, Taekwon-do, Athletism, Tennis, Table tennis, Karate, Wrestling and Wrist Wrestling. Apart from that, we organize Handicrafts, Painting, Violin and Guitar courses for our students and staff.